Create a Lasting Impression

Rhino ArmaFloor 500

Beautiful, Decorative, Durable Flooring

Rhino Linings ArmaFloor 500 DF is a specifically formulated, multilayered protective polyaspartic coating that provides a fast return-to-service in one day*.  Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, the Rhino ArmaFloor system is colour stable allowing it to endure UV exposure without colour shifts.

The ArmaFloor 500 DF flooring system is both durable and decorative and with the addition of coloured flake or quartz chips, serves a wide range of applications for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

For the homeowner, Rhino Linings ArmaFloor 500 can be used around the pool, the garage, walkways and even throughout the home.

The coating system is a widely  accepted as a  suitable floor covering in both commercial and industrial applications  due to its excellent chemical resistance and durability.  Other benefits include the products  ability to bond to just about any substrate, including, concrete, fibreglass and metals.  With its rapid return-to -service properties, ArmaFloor 500 DF makes the ideal floor coating system for warehouses, laboratories, airplane hangars, hospital and restaurant floors, high-traffic entryways and lobby areas.


Features and Benefits

  • One day return to service formulation*
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, oils and UV exposure
  • High quality proven product ensuring long term durability
*Weather conditions may extend installation and cure times.


  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Retail and restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Residential
  • Garage Floors

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