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Rhino ArmaFloor 300 ECO

Rhino Linings ArmaFloor 300 ECO is an epoxy coating system designed as a durable coating for floors and other applications that require a seamless, tough and hard wearing lining.

Due to its high toughness and strength, this coating system exhibits excellent resistance to chemical spills, abrasion and impact.

Rhino Linings ArmalFloor 300 ECO , an ambient cured resin system is grey in colour,  with its low viscosity it is ideal for floors where speed of application is an important factor.


Features and Benefits:

    • Fast cure allowing rapid turnaround time; under normal conditions, return to service within 24 hours
    • Robust application window with ability to apply at low temperatures and high humidity
    • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Bonds to virtually all substrates, including metals, woods, concrete, and fibreglass
    • Low VOC’s; environmentally friendly

Suitable Applications:

    • Excellent durability and aesthetics for floor, equipment and other coatings including:
    •  Garage floors
    • Laboratories
    • Restaurant floors
    • Airplane hangars
    • Entry and lobby areas
    • Creates a durable, seamless lining which conforms to any shape and size

NOTE: Only appropriate floor cleaners should be used.  Contact Rhino Linings Australasia Technical Dept for details.

For further information on this product’s application capabilities read more about ArmaFloor 300 ECO  in our Case Study section.