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Are you a concrete flooring contractor?  Are you looking to extend your product and service capabilities? Find out how to become a Rhino Linings Flooring Applicator.

The durable and user friendly products Rhino offers are commonly used on driveways, patios, indoor floors, steps and pool decks, Our product have produced extraordinary results in stadiums, amusement parks, hotels, small business and marine applications … could you use them in your flooring business?

Concrete Floor Restoration,

Protection & Beautification


Rhino Linings Flooring Division specialises in manufacturing and distributing floor coating products and systems for the restoration, protection and beautification of concrete surfaces.

We have an extensive list of product and system offerings  including epoxy, epoxy flake, polyaspartic, polyurethane, crack repair resin systems and more

Rhino Linings Flooring division offers a range of proven coating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial flooring applications.

Our products protect flooring investments and enhance them by offering the highest quality floor coating systems available to the market.  Want to be a part of that group?

Rhino Linings Flooring is committed to delivering the very best solution for both you and your customers needs.  Our experienced team works directly with qualified flooring contractors ensuring the best result all round.

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