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Rhino Linings Flooring

Rhino Linings Flooring provides a wide variety of decorative yet durable flooring solutions for both the home and commercial property owner.  The range also extends into the industrial flooring arena with protective coatings for impact and abrasion and chemical resistance.

Rhino Linings specialised products include polyaspartic, epoxy and epoxy flake, polyurethane and crack repair resin systems for the restoration, protection and beautification of concrete surfaces.

Residential Flooring

The Rhino Linings Epoxy Flake flooring system  provides a beautiful and decorative coating for concrete floors. It is an attractive yet durable, long-term, low maintenance, seamless flooring solution for the home.  Rhino Linings decorative epoxy flake floors are so versatile that you can use them in your kitchen, family room, rumpus room, the garage and even in the bathroom. Epoxy flake floors are seamless and provide a warm, unique, highly attractive high gloss or matte finish which is easy to clean and hygienic, especially beneficial for those that suffer from dust allergies.

Industrial Flooring

Rhino Linings Australasia is a leading provider of industrial floor coating solutions. Backed by Rhino’s extensive flooring experience, our flooring applicators are experts in their field and  will work with you to select the best floor coating to suit the unique requirements of your particular application.  Polyaspartic and epoxy flooring helps to solve both the architect and facility manager’s most challenging industrial flooring installation.

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We know you will love our range of flooring products as much as we do, especially when it comes to beautifully decorative, yet  seamless, easy to clean durability.  For further information on Rhino Linings flooring range or to locate a Rhino Linings flooring applicator contact  Rhino Linings New Zealand Master Distributor – Polymer Group.

Are you a concrete flooring contractor?  Are you looking to extend your product and service capabilities? Find out how to become a Rhino Linings Flooring Applicator.

The durable and user friendly products Rhino offers are commonly used on driveways, patios, indoor floors, steps and pool decks, Our product have produced extraordinary results in stadiums, amusement parks, hotels, small business and marine applications … could you use them in your flooring business?